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The land of stupid – an overview of the fauna. Part 1. June 19, 2008

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Today I’d like to look at the idiots who call themselves “Progressives”.

If you’re one of them:

  • You loathe science, technology and other real forms of actual progress.
  • You fear anything that involves hard science and logic.
  • You have a similar feeling towards Government as a little child has toward his parents or some religious people have towards their God. This is a personality disorder stemming from a sublimation of your longing for a Parent in your life. Some people with this disorder put God in that place, somehow you’ve ended up with a fuzzy idealization of your Government there instead.
  • You show regressive tendencies:
    1. A wish to have others – in practice the Government – run your life for you.
    2. You want Daddy Goverment to watch over you, privacy is not a concern.
    3. You’re unable and unwilling to engage in mature, reasoned discourse.
    4. You’re highly immature intellectually, morally and emotionally. But you hide it well.
    5. A sublimated form of sibling rivalry: Daddy Government should make sure nobody “gets” too much money, no matter how well earnt it is or how good they are at what they’re doing.
    6. You’re not interested in grown-up activities, like creating value.
  • You think Big Government is good and any Big Private Firm is bad. Words like NSDAP and NKVD don’t scare you at all, Haliburton does.
  • You believe that everybody is born identical. You think men *become* poets, engineers, musicians, &c because government educates them into it, not because of any innate abilities and aptitudes they’re born with.
  • Your moral compass points back at yourself and your opinions – anyone who dares to differ is evil incarnate.
  • Your moral attitudes are vile. At basically any time prior to the 1960s expressing them would have landed you in a mental institution.
  • Your langue is vile and would have earned you a similar reservation. As you would have said: ‘That’s a f*ing fact, m**r’!
  • You think that economic “inequality” is always a problem that needs correction. Sam Slacker and Harry Hardworker may have different income levels. You think that’s unacceptable.
  • Your favorite form of discussion with thinking people is to make personal attacks and throw invectives.
  • This blog hurts your feelings, so you’ve stopped reading before you came this far. If not, there may be hope for you.
  • You think it’s OK to kill babies in the womb.
  • You’re against executing convicted killers.
  • You think “market forces” is something sinister and evil. Despite the fact that it’s nothing more than the sum of choices that consumers like you make every day.
  • When you talk about the Government you usually say “We”, rather than “They”.
  • You think the Earth is “overpopulated” and that humans are consuming irreplaceable “resources”.
  • You think that humans somehow are “harming” the Earth.
  • In any war and major conflict anywhere, you side with the bad guys against the good. Even with ordinary crime, you care more about the crooks than about the victims.
  • You think a Global dictatorship is a good idea.
  • You think marriage is something “outdated” or bad. Except homosexual “marriage”.
  • You’re a Christophobe.

More to come.



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